Equine coaches

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Our healing herd is here and ready to change your life!


Fyre is charismatic, energetic and expressive while helping clients  feel secure and safe.  He helps clients get unstuck and take action, connecting with their true desire, inspiration and passion. 

Fyre’s Word: Passion


Artemis is a strong, powerful, focused and attentive coach.  The connections she makes with her clients are very deep and intuitive.  She is a wonderful coach for those working on  boundaries.

Artemis’ Word: Truth


Apollo is a bright light, calm and wise.  He enjoys coaching clients to restore harmony and balance to their lives by aligning body, mind and spirit .  He is an expert at helping those clients on the journey to self-forgiveness.

Apollo’s Word: Balance


Phoenix is a colorful and vibrant personality.  She loves to coach those clients that are in transition.  Helping her clients move forward with their lives while helping them heal their past.  

Phoenix’s Word: Rebirth

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